Are You on a Diet or Want to Lose Weight? Attention! Which Food and When Should You Eat?

lose weight

Consuming the right foods at the right time both protects from diseases and prevents weight gain. It also makes it easy to stick to your diet to lose weight. Here are the things you need to consider in your food choices…

Reduce fat and eat pulpy foods for breakfast

Starting the day with a sufficient and balanced breakfast will increase the body’s efficiency and resistance throughout the day. Therefore, prefer foods such as low-fat cheese, eggs, lots of greenery, whole wheat bread, which do not tire the digestive system. On the contrary, fatty, roast foods will tire your body.

If you feel the need for dessert…

No matter how much you block, if your body still needs something sweet, try to satisfy this need at breakfast. Because you can burn the calories you get from desserts such as honey, jam and chocolate more easily during the day. If you eat sugary foods in the evening, you will not have much opportunity to burn these calories. Unfortunately, this will return to you in weight and break your will, causing you to give up your diet.

lose weight

When planning meal ingredients, consider the amount of carbohydrates and proteins

Prefer high-protein foods at lunchtime and high-fiber vegetable meals in the evening meal so that your digestive system does not get tired. We recommend that you consume meat which is hard to digest for lunch instead of in the evening.

It will also be healthier to choose foods with a low glycemic index instead of foods that contain high carbohydrates for dinner and night snacks.

On the other hand, yogurt is a food rich in carbohydrate-protein content. Eating 1 portion of yogurt as a snack or main meal meets 30 percent of the daily calcium need. In addition, the prebiotics in yogurt strengthen the immune system.

Fiber foods will keep you feel full

Fiber foods such as spinach, artichoke, chard and celery have a longer stay in the stomach. Therefore, they will keep you full for longer. Taking the necessary foods for your body in a certain balance in time and quantity will also provide blood sugar control. In this way, you will achieve weight control, as well.

Do not give up eating bread!

In addition to carbohydrates, multi-grain breads contain omega 3 and 6, which we call unsaturated fats, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins E and B. So don’t stop consuming bread.

Balance your blood sugar by eating healthy nuts at snacks

Nuts such as walnuts, raw almonds, raw nuts stay in the stomach more than other foods thanks to the omega-3 fatty acid exists in their structures. Therefore, by delaying the feeling of hunger, it provides a more balanced blood sugar between the two meals.

Pay attention to these in your fruit preferences;

Prefer to consume fruits such as figs and apricots in the morning. Because these fruits will be good for your metabolism which is ready to work fast in the morning and will make your digestive system work faster. When you consume it in the evening, it will cause bloating or gas in the stomach.

Moreover, do not eat fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit on an empty stomach in the morning. Eat them after breakfast. Because eating these high-acid fruits on an empty stomach in the morning can disturb your stomach.

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