Apple now in talks with South Korean car manufacturers on iPhoneros

Apple is now in communication with different South Korean car manufacturer companies related to the manufacture of motor vehicles. These talks are claimed to have a lot to do with the car that Apple is trying to develop. It is also claimed to possibly be a probable autonomous driving system, which could perhaps one day see the light of day in a vehicle from another brand.



Hyundai's Prophecy, a South Korean car with good design
Hyundai, a South Korean car with good design.

When Apple entered the market for smartphones, or mobile telephony in general, many of the well established companies in that industry such as Nokia, Microsoft etc. thought that a computer manufacturer could not just start making mobile phones, and be successful. Obviously, they were wrong. It is probable that  now, with cars, many think the same.

The truth is that making a smartphone in a company that has previously made Macs or iPods seems a logical and manageable step. However, designing a car is something very different, much more complex. The manufacture of an iPhone is something extremely complex, especially at the level of production that Apple requires.

It is for this reason that the logical step for Apple is to reach an agreement with an experienced car manufacturer, and above all, with factories, which would play the role that companies such as Foxconn or Pegatron do today when making the iPhone.





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