AOL And Yahoo Sold Again For Much Less Still

What a strange fate for two great Internet brands from another era, both Yahoo and AOL have been sold again, now by Verizon, at a fraction of their original value.

The two companies have passed through different hands and the last one to acquire them was Verizon for about USD 9,000 million, 4,400 by AOL in 2015 and 4,500 by Yahoo two years later. Verizon placed them within a single campaign called “Oath,” then renamed Verizon Media Group in 2018.

In 2019 Verizon had already gotten rid of Tumblr to a figure that had not been released but there was talk of just 3 million, something for which Yahoo had paid 1.100 million in 2013. But we must not forget everything that depended on these companies, for example Engadget and Techcrunch were part of Yahoo, Huffpost and Buzzfeed of AOL, so everything has been dragging with them.

Today the official sale of both is to Apollo Global Management, which is the company of the owner of the Venetian casino in Las Vegas, that’s what we have come to, for “just” 5,000 million. To understand the debacle of both companies: AOL was valued at 200 billion and Yahoo at 125 billion at its peak. Of course, it is unfair to forget everything that happened in between and that is summed up in six letters: Google.

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