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A Quick Guide to Paleo Diet: What is Paleo Diet? Nutrition Principle of the Diet? What To Eat and Not To Eat? Pros and Cons of Paleo Diet?


What is Paleo Diet?

The word Paleo comes from the paleolithic era. It is also called “Paleolithic Diet”. Caveman Diet, Stone Age Diet, Hunter-Collector Diet are other names of the diet.

Accordingly, the Paleo diet was designed thousands of years ago with the inspiration from the feeding patterns of human ancestors. In the Paleolithic Age, people were fed in small groups by foraging, fishing and hunting. For this reason, researchers think that the diets of human ancestors consist of unprocessed foods. From this point of view, it is clear that there had been a physical active life in addition to a diet plan consisting of raw foods in this age. So, eating naturally is essential in this diet! By doing so, we can strengthen our immune system and reduce the risk of getting sick.


Nutrition Principle of the Diet

– High protein intake

– Low carbohydrates

– High amount of fiber

– Medium-high amount of oil

– High amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants


paleo diet meat


What to Eat and Not Eat in this Diet?

Foods you can’t consume:

  • Grain products
  • Dairy products
  • Refined sugar
  • Legumes (There are also advocates that they can be consumed.)
  • Processed oils
  • Unrefined salt
  • Packed foods
  • Beverages (cola, fruit juice etc.) and alcohol,
  • Artificial sweeteners


The foods you can consume:

  • Meat products
  • Marine fish and seafood (with low mercury content and cooked with steam)
  • Seasonal, natural vegetables and fruits (well-sugared fruits are not recommended)
  • Nuts,
  • Herbs and spices
  • Healthy oils (olive oil, butter, etc.)
  • Eggs (There are also those who do not recommend consuming.)

If you want to apply this diet in the best way, you should make it a custom to look at the content of the products.


paleo diet vegetable


How Should Your Lifestyle Be According to Paleo Diet?

– Eat only when you feel hungry. Do not feed frequently.

– Not allowed to eat cereal-derived carbohydrates, but you’re free to consume carbohydrates in vegetables

– Sunbath regularly for vitamin D

– Undercook your vegetables and eat half raw

– Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours.

– Maintain a vibrant lifestyle. Do regular exercise and walking.


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A Brief Assesment of Paleo Diet


-Today, it is increasingly difficult to find and buy raw food.

– Even animals are fed by giving antibiotics and hormones instead of fresh grass or natural feeds. So finding natural nutrients can push your budget a lot.

– Paleo diet prohibits many food groups.

– High consumption of protein and saturated fat can also cause kidney and heart problems.



– Because of carbohydrate intake is low, insulin levels decrease, blood sugar is stable and fat burning increases.

– The diet does not contain high calorie foods, instead it is rich in protein and fats that increase satiety, so it helps to lose weight.

– Lower nutritional risk thanks to containing nutrient-rich foods such as meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables. 


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