A perfume, the perfect gift for mother’s day


A mother is everything: she is wisdom, she is patience, she is joy, she is home, she is love and she is also a scent of her own. If there is one day you can show her how important she is to you, it is Mother’s Day. This year we want you to surprise her with a personalized, unique and unrepeatable gift. Do you dare to write him a poem? Words help us express feelings and emotions. Perfumes evoke beautiful memories. That is why we suggest that, with the help of the writer Alejandra G. Remn, and the fragrance Chlo, you prepare this detail with which you will get it right for sure.

All mothers have their scent. You will remember yours for his. Smells always bring us good memories, they make us travel to our past, they evoke special people, such as a mother. The writer Alejandra G. Remn he tells us that his mother “smells like roses.” His childhood summers “to wheat fields, wet earth, to sun protection, to chlorine from the pool, and also to colored pencils and lavender.”

The scents are inspiring. In fact, Alejandra reveals to us that she uses olfactory emotions as a source of inspiration when creating her works. “Many times I interpret emotions that come from my olfactory memories. I think it is something wonderful and very interesting. They say that, through smell, we obtain our first emotions and create our first memories, so it is enigmatic for me to delve into them to write an honest way. ”

For Alejandra, perfume is an art because “it serves to express oneself in the same way as poetry. In poetry, the artist tries to express himself through words and meter, harmony and emotions. In perfumes, the teacher perfumer uses the great variety of ingredients to transmit, through other senses, his own gaze, his intention or concept, his idea “.

For this mother’s day be special we propose you to merge both universes: perfumes and poetry. And to do it well, as a mother deserves, nothing, like letting yourself be guided by the writer Alejandra G. Remn. In this master class, the author offers the basic guidelines for you to write a poem for your mother. Dive into your memories, think about your best moments with her, about the feelings she provokes in you and start writing her something nice to always remember. We also encourage you to download the template, with or without a poem that Alejandra has prepared, to be able to write there those words that will touch her heart.

Chlo It is one of those perfumes that surround you with its smell of talc, comfort, well-being and security. It is a very feminine and elegant fragrance that smells like rose. It is a perfume that you do not get tired of, and to which you always want to return, because it reminds you of happy moments.

Floral and with a clean scent, Chlo is already an iconic perfume, a perfect option to give away on Mother’s Day, because it is a safe bet to get it right.

One more surprise: on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Alejandra G. Remn will carry out a lottery. If you dare to participate, you can win two very exclusive packs consisting of two Chlo perfumes and two dedicated books by In spite of everything, I think of you.


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