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8 Tips For Relieving Knee Pain

knee pain

Many people complain about knee pain. If you put on one weight, it means 4 kg more burden on your knees when climbing up stairs or walking. So what should be done to reduce knee pain? Here is our suggestions.

1. You should first get rid of your extra weight for knee health. You had better take a walk when you don’t have a knee pain.

2. If you have overweight, going up and down the stairs puts a serious pressure on your knee joint. If you walk with a baton, you can reduce the burden on your knees. Do not walk on soft surfaces such as grass. Because these floors put more strain on your knees, increasing the risk of injury. Prefer to use sidewalks or specially designed floors.

3. Doing regular exercises improves overall condition, increases muscle strength and flexibility. Stretching exercises should be performed before and after trainings.


4. Do not overdo while exercising. Refrain from bending your knees more than 90 degrees and make sure your knees are parallel to your feet.

5. Exercise the inner part of your thighs: More powerful muscles in your inner leg help to reduce the pressure on the knees. The easiest way to strengthen these muscles; sit down, push your knees together and squeeze them firmly and wait 5 seconds in this position. Do this exercise as much as you can.

6. Knees can be massaged with warm oil to reduce joint inflammation and increase blood circulation in knees. Stew two teaspoons of mustard oil and 5 cloves of garlic. Filter this mixture and apply to the knees while it is warm.

7. Olive oil is also very effective for joint pains. You can massage your knees with olive oil every day.

8. Molasses are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. That’s why it relieves pain and strengthens muscular and neural systems. Mix 2 teaspoon of grape or apple molasses with two cups of hot water and you can daily drink it.


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