5G: Mainstream technology is coming

Why is the development of a 5G network so important? Mediatek offers some basic notions that will allow us to understand why this is a fundamental element to guarantee or a better experience in internet connectivity.

The arrival of 5G, in addition to transforming technology, will provide a new mobile experience for users. This trend, which is being introduced worldwide, has attributes to improve the quality of the Internet connection, generate lower latency and higher bandwidth. These are just some of the benefits that people and companies can access when connecting to the network from any device.

South Korea becomes a benchmark country, having developed its own national network, so it is expected that by 2025 60% of internet connections will be made through it.

Benefits of the new 5G network

There are many expectations that have been generated around the 5G network, as a factor that will allow users to optimize communications and connectivity. It is expected to be an element that allows to increase the connection speed with respect to its predecessor. Experts say that the speed will increase up to 100 times with respect to the connections made through 4G.

There is no doubt that this is a technological breakthrough that will change the way users interact with the world. 5G will bring many IoT initiatives and innovations to life, encouraging more equipment connectivity, improving productivity, security, efficiency, and experience in businesses and homes.

The Smartphone, as the main protagonist of all this technological development, will be where users will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of 5G. That is why Mediatek is already promoting the development of this technology with its new Dimensity 5G Chipset.

With a bold, progressive and innovative approach, it has developed a family of 5G Chipset for operators, device manufacturers and consumers, which have attributes that allow to offer connection speeds and performance never seen before.

“Our new family of Dimensity 5G Chipsets offer better connectivity to Smartphones, so that through these you can experience the power and magnitude of this new network. However, we intend to spread this trend to all devices. This is why we wanted to include them in PCs, routers, mobile access points, as elements that will be at the forefront and that will be in a position to respond to the connectivity needs of the coming years ”comments Amikam Yalovetzky, Senior Sales Manager for MediaTek in Latin America.

This Chipset, manufactured in 6 nanometers, becomes the brand’s flagship, by guaranteeing a better internet connection. It has an eight-core CPU that revolves around the Cortex-A78 core of up to 3 GHz, and three Cortex-A78 cores of 2.6 GHz and another four Cortex-A55 cores for tasks that do not require as much power.

For the Smartphone’s graphics processing unit (GPU), it has a nine-core Mali-G77 accompanied by the new version of its AI processor, the hexa-core MediaTek APU 3.0 which promises an improvement of 12.5% ​​per hour to reduce latency

In each Chipset Dimensity 5G incorporates a dominant technology to optimize the experience in images, videos, games, connectivity and energy efficiency. That means photos will have better lighting and sharpness, videos will be higher definition, video games will be smoother and latency-free, as well as faster 5G connections everywhere and longer battery life.

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