2020 Bag Fashion and Trends for Women

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Perhaps one of the biggest investments of women, the bag is in women‘s lives as an important accessory and with different silhouettes. Most women don’t even think about going out without them! Truly, the bags have become a very important fashion figure as well as being functional. Therefore, in this article, we included for you, women, the bag trends that are the fashion of this season and will shed light in the upcoming seasons.

2020 Bag Trends



Mesh & Straw 

When we say knitting and straw bagswe can think of big bags suitable for beach use at first. However, these bags have become very common for several seasons, and they are everywhere now. In this trend, the sophisticated appearance created by blending wicker and knitting helps you to get many combinations. Whether you have a choice of basketsbuckets or micro styles, it is very functional in terms of usefulness. You see, this trend is very popular.




Rainbow colors that will open our eyes especially on summer days are now on our bags. The bags are colorful this season from cobalt blue to lemon yellow. These bags will give you a full star look with your single color combinations.



These bags are both stylish, shabby and sack Providing great convenience for women who carry lot of items when going out, these bags are very useful and close to a bohemian style. You can fill it as much as you want.



Micro bags

Although micro bags do not attract most women in terms of use, they are highly loved by a certain audience. These bags appeal to women who avoid carrying too many items and like a minimal look. Micro bags are also getting smaller and smaller each season. For several seasons, famous fashion designers have not given up on micro bag design, and this trend seems to continue in the future.



Giant clutches

Clutches with a characteristic stance are able to keep up with any combination with their noble and stylish appearance. And now these clutches are huge. Like micro bags, this trend seems to be with us for a long time.



Multiple bags

Instead of choosing a large single bagit is possible to get away from the ordinary by catching the trend with more than one micro bag and it can also provide you convenience in combination



Disco Bag

The 70’s trend disco bags are back in fashion this season. Silver sparkles with metallic details accompany the bag this season. You can get a glamorous look in addition to a retro style with disco bags



Bamboo Handles

We can call this trend “the trend of contrasts. Bamboo stems show us how the fashion has transformed and repeats itself over the years. Bamboo handles, which are mostly used with leather and satin fabrics, will help you get an elegant look.



Striped Bags

Most probably you are uneasy while wearing striped clothes. On the contraryyou feel more comfortable with striped bags. The secret to being both ordinary and flashy is hidden in the lines. You can get a nice contrast with striped bags and at the same time you can have a nice look in your masculine combinations.

That’s all from us. Now the choice is yours! 

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