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Lower Stress in Your Daily Life – Ways to Lower Stress

lower stress

It is in your hands to lower stress in your life. If you have a very busy life and a stressful job, it is essential to lower your stress level. In this article, we will talk about ways to help you lower stress in your life.

lower stress

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Difficult life and work conditions increase the volume of stress we experience in everyday life. This leads to many health problems. For that reason, dealing with stress is of great importance. In this article, we have compiled a list of advice for you about what should be done to lower stress in daily life. Try to apply these healthy advices to lower stress and have a healthier life. 

1. Lower Your Stress by Getting Enough Sleep


Having enough sleep refreshes your mind and body. Feeling tired increases stress, and makes it hard to think clearly.

2. Meditate for a better life


Meditation is one of the easiest ways to free your mind. Researches have shown that meditation can reduce stress and provide to focus better on what you are dealing with.

3. Massage can help you


Massage combines different physical stimulants in various parts of the body, eliminates accumulated tension. What’s more, it activates blood and oxygen in your body and releases pressure points. As a result, it benefits your physical and mental health, reduces stress and helps you avoid the negative effects of daily life.

4. Relax Your Muscles

If you really want to relax your muscles, have a bath. For the best relaxation, keep the degree of hot water one to two degrees above body temperature and lie in this water for 15 minutes. Besides, taking a shower before going to bed makes easier to fall asleep which is a natural remedy for insomnia.

5. Do Regular Exercise 


It is widely accepted that doing exercise leads to endorphin secretion. Endorphin increases the capacity of your mind and makes you feel better.

6.  Walk regularly


Walking causes changes in the levels of different hormones in the brain. In addition, the functioning of your muscles will help increase the level of blood lactic acid in your body and thus you will begin to feel calm. Furthermore, as walking makes your mind less busy than other exercises, it is more effective in reducing stress.

7. Chew Gum

Chewing gum makes your body focus on simple action. Focused action means feeling less pressure when encountered disturbing situations.

8. Be open to criticism


Criticism does not mean that others will always express negative things about you. Perhaps you will benefit from what you are told. Listen to who criticizes you carefully and think for a few seconds on what he says, then show your reaction.

9. Do Favour

Do favor whenever you can. Because when you do favor, you will notice positive hormonal changes in your body. Moreover, you will feel more spiritually competent, confident and strong.

10. Say “No”

People who are under extreme stress often can not express themselves and try to get things done on their own. So, they load more burden than they can handle. Start dealing with stress by reducing your workload.

11. Breathe Deeply

Deep breathe helps to soothe your nerves, reduce stress and alleviate your concerns.

12. Hold your breath

This method can help you relax in 30 seconds. Take a deep breath and hold it inside. Push your hands together with your fingertips. Then, wait 5 seconds and release your breath slowly while loosening your hands. Repeat this exercise 5-6 times until you feel relaxed.

13. Imagine

Focusing on the future helps to understand that the effects of stress-related issues are limited and transient when viewed from a broad perspective. This will make easier for you to cope with stress.

14. Paint

Painting will take you away from other people and from the intensity of everyday life for a while and will give you an opportunity to stay alone and calm down.

15. Listen to Music

Listening to music greatly reduces stress. Especially, classical music is claimed to slow down heartbeat and lower blood pressure, thus reduces the levels of stress hormones.

16. Eat Properly

Healthy and balanced nutrition is one of the best ways of dealing with stress. Consuming organic vegetables or protein store foods such as fish, chicken, helps strengthen your immune system and increase your body resistance.

17. Have Time For Yourself

You can also reduce stress in your life by improving yourself. If you regularly allocate time for fun, you will be in a much better position to resist stress factors in your daily life.


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