10 Critical Tips For Patients With Chronic Heart Disease

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The heart, which is the most emotional organ of our body, is also affected by all the emotions we experience. The importance of proper nutrition, an active life and avoiding smoking and alcohol are very important to prevent heart diseases. Here are 10 critical tips for those with chronic heart disease! …

Be physically active

Regular physical activity improves blood circulation in patients with chronic heart disease and reduces the complaints associated with the disease. 

Regular half hour walks every day make the person feel fit and reduce depressionHowever, make sure that the exercise to be done is not heavy and does not tire you too much. For swimming, very cold or very hot waters should not be preferred.

Use the medications prescribed by your doctor regularly and without delay.

One of the most important factors in maintaining a quality and long life in chronic heart disease is taking medications on time and regularly. Do not neglect to go to the doctor for control at regular intervals.

Choose high and thick pillows while sleeping

The high and thick pillow allows the excess fluid to go down from the lungs to the lower regions in patients with chronic heart failure, and helps to have a comfortable sleep during the night.

Weigh yourself every day

Daily weighing prevents unnecessary weight gain and gives a practical idea about the body‘s fluid balance. An increase of more than 2 kilos per day indicates excess fluid accumulation in the body, in this case; it is necessary to consult a doctor. Losing weight decreases the burden on the heartthus reducing the complaints related to the disease.

Take a siesta

Tired body means tired heart. Take time to rest during the day. If possible, sleep for at least 1 hour during daylight hours.

Eat little and often

Overfilling the stomach causes both indigestion problems and negative effects on the heart. It is important to split up meals and eat food gradually. Consuming fibrous foods and water increases slowed bowel movements and prevents constipation.

Avoid salty foods

Maintaining the fluid balance of the body is important, especially in those with chronic heart failure. Excessive salt intake causes edema or excess fluid accumulation, especially in the lungs and legs.

Quit smoking

Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blooddisrupts the inner surface of the vessels, causing arteriosclerosis and vascular occlusion. Quitting smoking reduces complications due to heart disease.

Pay attention to caffeine and alcohol consumption

Chronic alcohol consumption causes the heart muscles to weaken. Therefore, alcohol restriction is important in patients with chronic heart disease. Do not drink more than 2 glasses of tea and coffee a day, as excessive consumption of caffeine can cause heart rhythm problems and high blood pressure.

Take precautions against flu and pneumonia, get vaccinated

If you have chronic heart disease, have your flu and pneumonia vaccinations regularly.

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