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+10 Best Kids Movies Suitable For Kids

12 Best Kids Movies

In this article, we have compiled 12 best kids movies that will greatly contribute to your children’s development. With these movies, your kids will have an idea about feelings such as friendship, love, pursuit of dreams and sacrifice. 

1- The Muppet Movie

kids movies

Kermit the Frog likes to laze in the swamp. One day he is discovered by talent scout Bernie and he sets out to become famous in Hollywood. Miss Piggy, Bear Fozzie and Gonzo join him on the way. They encounter various dangers on the way. One of them is Doc Hopper, the owner of a chain restaurant named “frog leg”.

2- The Red Baloon

The film is about a boy’s friendship with a red balloon. This balloon has feelings like a human being. He accompanies the child, never leaves him. They even play together. Of course, they escape from children who want to blow the balloon.

3- Happy Feet

A penguin named Mumble is different from other penguins in Antarctica. All penguins must have and sing a song to express themselves to their soul mates. Unfortunately, Mumble’s voice is very bad.  Moreover, as he couldn’t find his song yet, he can’t still find his soul mate. However, he is a great dancer. While his mother Norma Jean support Mumble’s attitudes, his father Memphis criticise him. Furthermore, Emperor Penguin excludes Mumble from the penguin community. This leads Mumble to meet different penguins.

4- Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

With an interesting personality, Willy Wonka has a chocolate factory. He is looking for a reliable child to leave the factory. He will first educate the child about work and then hand over the factory to him. For that reason, he organizes a contest and chooses 5 children. One of them is Charlie, from a poor family. All the children visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. What Charlie sees there will impress him a lot.

5- Up

This film is about the long-term friendship of two children who coincidentally come across. They grow up together, get married with each other and get older. Ellie’s only dream is to travel around the world. Carl also desires to realize Ellie’s only wish. One day death knocks on Ellie’s door and Carl sets off on a journey to make real the dream that Ellie could not.

6- Wreck It Ralph

Ralph, the villain of an Atari game, gets bored of what he is doing. To crown it all, the repairman Felix, good man of the game, gets all praises. Ralph now wants to be a hero and begins to shuttle between other video games.

7- The Good Dinasour

In this movie, theme is what would have happened if the dinosaurs continued to live in the world. Arlo, a good dinosaur, leaves his family as a result of unfortunate series of events and begins a long journey. On his way, he finds an interesting friend he doesn’t expect to meet.


8- Turbo

The dream of a snail is to become the fastest snail in the world. One day, he has an unusual accident and his life changes. The little hero is no longer the same. Now, he has the courage to realize his dreams and brings together his friends. His the only goal at any cost is to win Indy 500, the world’s biggest speed race.


9- Finding Nemo

kids movies

The story is based on the adventures of a small fish called Nemo. Nemo has a strong interest in the environment he lives and his father tries to protect Nemo from this dangerous world. One day, Nemo suddenly disappears and troubles never come alone. His father will have to set off on a dangerous journey to find Nemo.


10- Toy Story

The movie which is about toy’s world introduces Andy’s favorite toys and tells their adventures.


11- Ratatouille

Remy is a French mouse who loves to eat but is also very picky about foods. He wants to be a famous chef. One day, he falls into sewer under one of the best restaurants in Paris. But, he luckily meets Alfredo there. Now, he takes the oppurtunity to realize his dreams with Alfredo.


12- March Of Penguins

The film explores the adventures of the penguins in Antarctica on their long journey among ice sheets and their struggle for survival.


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